Modern Terrace

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Re - imaging the 18th Century Design, and Creating A Modern Terrace

Among the street of Paddington filled with beautiful two storey terraces, our client bought a small property which did not match the grandeur and beauty of the other established terraces houses.

We had a challenging brief to design a new modern terrace which will replace the current outdate property squeezed in between two expansive 18th century terraces. With only two frontages, our vision was to create a terrace filled with natural sunlight, using sustainable and earthy materials which matches the turn of the modern city.

We created a 2 storey modern terrace with basement, and double garage. The entirety of the design gives homage the traditional 18thcentury terraces, without the dark and damp issues normally associated to old style terraces.

With the creative idea of internal garden, the new terrace house is filled with natural sunlight throughout the day. In winter this allows the house to warm up naturally and in summer creates good cross ventilation allowing the terrace to cool down naturally. The double garage allows parking to moved off the cluttered streets and increase the value of the property as no other terrace on the site has onsite parking.

Existing Terrace - Demolished

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