Narrow Terrace House

Heritage Conservation Terrace

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Heritage Conservation Terrace - Rear extension

Nestled tightly in a Heritage Conservation area, our Redfern project posed a few challenges. The current terrace has limited access to the rear outdoor area and the natural lighting into the existing home is limited due it neighbour’s being right on their side boundaries.

With a tight and narrow site with only the front door access, our client wanted to convert the 2-storey terrace to 3 stories and allow for more open plan living and to introduce more natural light and lower their reliance on the use of air conditioning.

The proposed design introduced an internal garden allowing an atrium space between the living room and new kitchen area. The introduction of an atrium space introduced more natural light to filter into the existing living room. The new extension was design with sustainable practices in mind allowing the area to be cooled only by a fan. The atrium space also allowed the existing living room and new dine in kitchen to naturally cross ventilate during the summer heat. The new extension is built with robust materials allowing maximum insulation to the house. This has allowed the terrace to passive cool and heat the house naturally rather than its reliance on air conditioning.


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