John St.

Conservation Extension

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Conservation Extension - First Floor and Ground Floor

Where space, light and connection to the outdoor space is a rarity in Sydney’s Inner West, this design, gives it all. From a dark, moist, and small 2-bedroom terrace, the new extension brings in an abundance of natural filtered light, to a South facing terrace. We were able to convert the 2 bedrooms to a 3 bedroom + study.
Each space has been designed to cross ventilate allowing the terrace house to breathe throughout the seasons. The staircase is cleverly designed with large highlight window to act as a light well into the terrace house. This clever design of the staircase does away with the need for skylights which overheats the building in summer.
With tight access ( all through the front door) the new extension and designed and built using lightweight construction to navigate the tight access and control building budget.

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